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This is your one-stop for all your personal & business media needs.

We are open to partnerships

Filming an event in Vietnam

Event Drone - Ground Live Streaming

People remember experiences.

Live events hold the power to let your customers experience your brand and vision. With LIVE streaming you can now amplify the impact of your events, and your media spends.

Film Reels

Video Editing Services

We don't only take video footage we also create you a story and produce highest quality videos using most advanced applications. Our team has over 13 years of working experience in this industry.

Beach Wedding

Wedding Drone Videography & Live Streaming

Let those who can't attend your wedding watch it live and be with you at your best moments. Check out the samples we have.

Business Advertisement

We came up with advertising solutions for organizations that can not afford highly expensive campaigns. We understand that creating marketing campaigns are one of the most expensive costs for companies which leaves companies with no marketing or branding campaigns. We come to fill this huge need in the market. 

Construction Sites Marketing + Branding

We are aware of the necessity of our work for property developers. Since the real estate market in Vancouver and in BC as all is becoming more competitive. We position ourselves to create your presence and promote your brand and show your work to future buyers, communities, and municipalities and win more bids also, have a stronger presence which will serve your business strategically.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We are not new to this, we just came back after a long time off due to the pandemic.

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