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Who are we targeting?

event live stream drones

technical support

Wedding Drone Videography

marketing consultant

web development websites. 


Services offered in British Columbia, Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Nova Scotia, Ontario. Local drone operators, professional videographers, professional wedding videos, web developers, marketing consultants, website development Construction Architecture Planning Site planning Surveying Facebook instagram pinterest social media manager Virtual meetings Virtual weddings Windows Linux Outlook Fix Debug Backup applications Backup email Home wiring Consultations

We target:

1) Medium size businesses 

2) Small size businesses.

3) Non Governmental Organizations & Movements

4) Indigenous communities

5) Environment movements

AirView production came up with advertising solutions for organizations that can not afford highly expensive campaigns. We understand that creating marketing campaigns are one of the most expensive costs for companies which leaves companies with no marketing or branding campaigns. We come to fill this huge need in the market. 

We developed our own processes using modern management practices to lower our cost and get the best high-quality work for your organization. The quality of our outputs are high and we refuse to compromise the quality side on the price we charge. We are positioning yourself in the high quality work in a very competitive market in British Columbia.


What we can do for you:

1) Design a marketing campaign

2) Create an internet presence

3) Establish campaigns for movements


We are specialized in creating teasers and promotional videos and pump these into your channels.




We provide you with different editing styles for different purposes some you can use as teasers, others you can use for informative reasons. Check some of our work for Bear Mountains Resorts. 

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