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Supporting your IT operations virtually and onsite

During the COVID-19 crisis, we found a market need to support businesses & individuals in Canada with their computer problems and work with our individuals who are facing problems fixing their software or hardware error.

Services for Individuals:

1) Debug and fix your computer/station technical problems.

2) Manage data and email migrations. 

3) Set up your home devices and wiring.

4) Manage your data back up and restoration.

5) Find the best machine suites your need. 

6) Help you synchronize your devices including accounts.

Services for Businesses:

1) Install and set up your company network and workstations.

2) Set up your network and maintain servers, switches and other network technologies.

3) Find the perfect IT solution to run your business smoothly.

4) Manage and monitor your workstation and all your employees' devices.

5) Backup and restore your company data.

6) Find the best CRM suites your business.

Do not hesitate to call us now. 

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