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Services offered in British Columbia, Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Nova Scotia, Ontario. Local drone operators, professional videographers, professional wedding videos, web developers, marketing consultants, website development Construction Architecture Planning Site planning Surveying Facebook instagram pinterest social media manager Virtual meetings Virtual weddings Windows Linux Outlook Fix Debug Backup applications Backup email Home wiring Consultations




We are Air View Production, a passionate and enthusiastic team of video editors, drone pilots, and marketing specialists keen to hear your story and help take it higher.

We are based in Vancouver, BC and ready to fly with you for outdoor events and celebrations to document your moments of happiness.

We believe that every single moment of your once in a  lifetime event should be captured, and we shoot discretely keeping the moment about you and keeping the memory as authentic as the moment.

We promote events instantly. Imagine your event broadcasting live, connecting with your business community, your friends and family, creating instant feedback, and reaching a broader audience through existing and new connections.  

We have the technology to help you boost your event and make your marketing spends stretch to the skies. Our talented Social Media Specialists will work with you to ensure your event is reaching everyone around. 

We also provide a highlight video after your event to keep the memory alive.

Our video editors are flexible to your timelines and can produce a 4K HD video within 24hours of your live event. Ensuring you are always ready to promote the next big thing.

Life moves fast, business faster, and with social media, the future is already 5 minutes ago. 


The Airview Production team is ready when you are. 

Contact Us.

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