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What is this Service about?

Services offered in British Columbia, Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Nova Scotia, Ontario. Local drone operators, professional videographers, professional wedding videos, web developers, marketing consultants, website development


event live stream drones

technical support

Wedding Drone Videography

marketing consultant

web development websites. 





Site planning

Why should you use our services:


We are aware of the necessity of our work for property developers. Since the real estate market in Vancouver and in BC as all is becoming more competitive. We position ourselves to create your presence and promote your brand and show your work to future buyers, communities, and municipalities and win more bids also, have a stronger presence which will serve your business strategically.

Most construction companies have no marketing campaigns or social media presence, We understand it is a lot of work for you, especially since developers need to take care of little details in construction sites and follow up with their work. Our team of professional Drone Pilots, Videographers, Designers, Video Editors, and the production team is ready to make your company gain more trust between buyers. Our aeronautical footage which turns to Videos can tell your story with details and bring full understanding for clients about the property. The unique video design we take shows your work in an innovative way to grab client attention. 

Our goal is to work with you to provide different services for you such as:

1) Social Media campaign: Show sites activities and highlight company brand by teasers, promotional videos, and pictures can be posted on social media.

2) Site Time-lapse videos for sites to show work progress and advertise progress and accomplishments to market new units or buildings.

3) Design professional customized websites exclusively for construction companies.

4) Provide aeronautical footage for specific tasks and site operations on demand.

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