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How does it work?

Wedding videography has been going since the 1930s, but Wedding Drone Videography is a 2019 thing.


The Drone industry in Canada is changing with more strict regulations.

With drones and regulations becoming increasingly complex, capturing your wedding memories shouldn't be left to your neighbour Craig! Every Airview Pilot has successfully passed all Transport Canada required courses to fly safely and legally. We take full responsibility for our operations.

At Airview, we fly drones professionally. Our pilots are legally licensed to fly drones in Canada and we also take care of all the permits, paperwork, and proper coordination to ensure your day runs smoothly. Keeping the focus where it should be, on you.


We are happy to partner with your preferred wedding photographer. Don't have one? We can also recommend a talented local photographer through our established connections. Working together with aeronautical film and ground photography, we will ensure your memories are as vibrant as the day.

We tell your story discretely from the sky using enhanced zoom, to capture the spirit, faces, and moments that make your wedding unique, without interrupting or distracting from the real focus, you!  We fly in complete silence!

For more information or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Our Prices:


Here are more details about our price range:

1) Ground videographer (1 person)+Drone (2 persons / pilot+visual observer)+ Video Editing 2 to 4 minutes (with or without the photographer's photos) = $1700

2) Drone (2 persons) + Video editing 2 to 4 minutes (With photographer photos) = $1000

The price changes if any additional requirements are added. Contact us to get a quote.

Check out some of our Work

Bird video of your wedding is important, add a new angel to your wedding and describe your moment's dIn the perfect way possible. We can cover your special moment from a bird eye.

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