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Our Response to COVID-19  Crisis

event live stream drones

technical support

Wedding Drone Videography

marketing consultant

web development websites. 


Services offered in British Columbia, Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Nova Scotia, Ontario. Local drone operators, professional videographers, professional wedding videos, web developers, marketing consultants, website development Construction Architecture Planning Site planning Surveying Facebook instagram pinterest social media manager Virtual meetings Virtual weddings Windows Linux Outlook Fix Debug Backup applications Backup email Home wiring Consultations


The Canadian Federal Government & Provincial Government launched many programs to support local businesses. Our Media Production company is responding to that as well. AirView Production is now helping many farms to bring their business online. Create your online shop with us from scratch.


We transfer your farm to the virtual world. Our team of web developers, producers, photographers, marketers and product designers are going to build:


1) Create Digital Content: product photography, photoshop, & video teasers

2) Product Packaging

3) Create + Maintain your Online store

4) Staff Training: train your staff on using technology.

5) Social Media Campaigning

6) Content Management

7) Monitor + Manage Sales 

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